We are Apollo & Lisa Bukowski

and we love celebrating weddings.
As newlyweds ourselves, the daunting task of planning the big day is still fresh in our minds. That’s why we’ve decided
to team up...to help people like you relax and enjoy this time with your future spouse as much as you can.


Marriage is about being a team, and we consider it a privilege to get to model that to our clients. As DJ and Coordinator, our aim is to maximize your experience with our combined knowledge and skill sets. Planning something this big will be challenging, but it’s definitely worth it - and we hope to share that experience with you.


Party on,

Apollo & Lisa Bukowski



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Apollo Bukowski was born into music. As a member of a family consumed by the performing arts, it wasn't long before he found himself saturated in a life of productions and musical instruments. His family's gentle push through these early childhood years of developing skills in piano, guitar, saxophone, singing, acting and dancing encouraged Apollo to seek out his own musical path. This included the advancement of his musicality to cover more instruments, music theory, audio production, live sound engineering, music composition advanced proficiency at the guitar, and of course, DJing.


Apollo has performed on stage over a thousand times with various genres of music. He now serves as Worship & Technical Arts Director at his church, DJs weddings, and takes on various professional musician gigs.