Equipment List

Our gear is top notch and everything will sound crystal clear. From the lapel mic on the officiant to the hue of light during the first dance, we've thought through the ins and outs and will make sure your wedding runs smoothly and will be something to rave about—even with that awkward speech from your future brother-in-law.

Ceremony: Electrovoice ELX112

Cocktail Hour: Behringer Eurolive B205D

Reception: Bose F1 Speakers & Subwoofers


Officiant: Shure BLX24R w/ Shure MX153T earset mic

Male Vocal: Shure SM58

Female Vocal: Shure Beta 58a

Wireless Handheld: Shure PGX SM58

Wireless Handheld: Shure BLX24R SM58

Ceremony: Behringer X Air XR18

Reception: Behringer X Air XR12

DJ: Pioneer DDJ-SZ

Dance Lighting: Chauvet Gigbar IRC

Up Lighting: ADJ Mega Flat Pars