What you can expect

Committing to a vendor can be a scary thing. To help with any uncertainty, we've created a detailed walk-through of what you can expect from booking all the way to the final payment.

Contact & Booking

Next, fill out the contact form and Lisa will email you within 48 hours to confirm the date availability. If it's free, she'll schedule a phone call between you and Apollo to discuss needs, build an estimate and send the contract through Google Docs. Once the contract is signed and a $200 deposit is received, you will be officially booked!

Identify your needs

First, figure out what you need from us. Is it sound for the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception? Will you be having live music during the ceremony or cocktail hour? Check out our services page to see what we offer.

Consultation Meeting

Here's where we'll get together and start locking in those details. Apollo will answer your questions and offer expert advice to help make sure the day-of flows nicely. We'll end the meeting with a clear review of pending details and whose responsible for them. This meeting will run 1 and a half hours and is the most stress relieving! It can be done over FaceTime, but best done in person either at a coffee shop or our apartment in Woodland Hills.

Planning & Resources

After booking, our clients get access to their own online dashboard packed with insights, playlists, timeline templates, and more to help you prepare prior to your first meeting with Apollo. You'll be guided through things like song selection, the order of events, who's giving a toast, etc. When you think you're ready to lock in a decent amount, reach out to Lisa to schedule the meeting by coffee, Facetime, or wine and flatbread at our place!

Finalize Phone Call

About a week or two out from the wedding day, we'll have a 40-minute phone call to tie up loose ends and review the timeline to make sure everything is determined. Last minute song selections will be set in stone and logistics between us and the venue will be covered (arrival & setup times, coordinator contact, vendor access, etc.) Then we'll bid adieu until the day-of!


Speakers will be set up at the front on each side. A mic on a stand is set in the middle for the bride & groom's vows, the officiant will have a wireless earset mic, and the sound booth will be tucked behind the last set of chairs. If live music is occurring, we will communicate with the musicians for a sound check prior to the beginning of the ceremony.


20 minutes of preservice music will be played as guests arrive. An audio line out will be provided for the videographer, and over 10 years of live sound engineering experience will ensure voices are heard over any outside noise pollution and music sounds rich and full. 

Cocktail HouR

A small speaker on a stand is placed in a discrete location and your selected playlist will begin flooding the area, setting the tone for guests as they mingle and grab a drink.


If live music is taking place, a proper sound system will be set up in an unobtrusive location and the musicians will begin playing immediately after the ceremony. They will also make the announcement to enter the reception area 15 minutes prior to the grand entrance.


Apollo will make all necessary announcements and work in tandem with the coordinator to ensure the guests are where they need to be, and the videographer and photographer are prepared to capture the important moments. Apollo will engage the crowd, but won't be overbearing and steal the show. Years of experience will certify that the night ebbs and flows organically.


The musical selection will start off with multigenerational hits touching on many genres. As the night progresses and the dance floor evolves to a younger crowd, song selection can tailor to what the wedding party enjoys (by the end of the night, they pretty much rule the dance floor). For the sake of quality control, requests may be taken halfway through the night, but only by the wedding party & immediate family.


Of course, all of this can be changed at the bride and grooms request—but we do advise that a 4-hour reception is an optimal timespan. Once the bride and groom are sent off, Apollo Productions will strike all gear, remind guests of their belongings and to have a safe journey.  

Final Payment

The final invoice will be emailed to either the coordinator or the bride on the day of the wedding. Payment can be made by check and be delivered through the coordinator on the day-of, mailed in up to two weeks after the wedding date, or submitted through Venmo. Gratuity is not required but always appreciated if you feel expectations were exceeded! But we do hope you will have thoroughly enjoyed your experience and at least give us a review after your honeymoon :) 

Happily Ever After

That's the gist

If you want more, we invite you to take a look of what our past clients have thought about their experience with us.